We run our building projects professionally and transparently.

Our background is in managing building projects of up to 250 apartments. Today we build individual homes and apartments but we bring the same controls and standards of management to every project.

We are more than happy to talk to you in person or on the phone about how we work and how we’re different.

Building process overview

Every building project is unique but a standard process for engaging us as your builders would be:

  1. Meeting: We meet with clients to discuss their building project
  2. Cost planning and timeline: We will look at your specifications, cost them and work out how long the job will take
  3. Tender: It’s good practice to get quotes from more than one builder and we are happy to tender for jobs. You’ll find our quotes are detailed and specific.
  4. Contract signing: All our projects are covered by a formal contract specifying exactly what you can expect from us
  5. Pre-mobilisation period: Successful builds need proper planning
  6. Pre-inspection: Before work starts we will conduct a pre-inspection, taking photographic records and filing dilapidation reports
  7. Erect site fencing
  8. Work begins