Our quotes are detailed. We want to give you exactly what you’ve asked for. And we want you to be absolutely confident that the building work will finish with just what you, your architect or your interior designer had imagined.

The quote for building work

We will review your specifications carefully and quote accordingly.

Your quote will come with apendices covering:

  1. The scope of the work
  2. Exactly what materials we will be using
  3. Where we understand the physical boundaries of the work area to be (e.g. if we are renovating your kitchen, we might need part of the garden to store materials)

A detailed quote allows client and builder to check we have understood each other. And it’s a way for you to be confident you’ll be getting what you expected.

Comparing quotes

You should always get more than one quote for a building project. You should also make sure every builder is actually quoting for the same thing.

Be sure to ask if the quote is for exactly the materials specified by your architect, engineer or interior designer and there are no substitutions that haven’t been discussed with you.

We are happy to make suggestions for ways you can reduce the cost of a build but any substitutions will be something you know about and can discuss with your architect, engineer or designer.