Our background is in large-scale residential building projects. We bring the same standard of project management to every home we build or house we renovate.

Project management

We stand behind our work and are very careful about how the project is run.

Kingston Homes is owned and operated by Paul Metlege, who has been a project manager for:

  • The RTA — managing projects like road widenings, the construction of noise walls and digging culverts
  • McDonald’s — managing the fitouts of new restaurants and the refurbishments of existing premises
  • Major residential developers — managing the construction of 250 apartments

Our projects are managed to the same standards. Any project lasting more than a month will involve monthly progress reports detailing:

  • Work done in the last month
  • Red flag issues
  • Critical path
  • Site safety
  • Variations

Cost control and accounting

It’s common practice in the industry to use funds from one project as a float for another. That means if one job gets into trouble, it can slow down other work or a builder might look for ways to squeeze more money from one project to bail out another.

That is not the way we work.

Every one of our projects has:

  1. A separate set of accounts
  2. Its own bank account
  3. Its own credit card