We have transparent arrangements with our clients.

Our contracts are clear and specific. We can cost the whole job to the last nail and fix the price. Or you might want the flexibility to make decisions on things like finishes as the project is underway. That’s fine, too.

Building contracts: fixed price or cost-plus?

Whether you pay a fixed fee or a percentage on top of materials varies from project to project. Whether you need a fixed or flexible arrangement depends basically on how much you know at the start of your build.

As a rule of thumb:

  1. Fixed fees are for when you know from the start of the building project exactly what you want
  2. Cost-plus arrangements are for when you will be making decisions during the project so they cannot be costed in advance

If you change your mind during a project and don’t need something we have costed (and we haven’t bought it or we can return it), we will credit that amount back to you.

You are always welcome to see what we have spent money on and what it cost.