This is your project and you are welcome to be as involved as you like.

Working with us

We want your job to turn out exactly how you want it. You are welcome to have as much involvement with the project as you like. We believe good communication between builder and client is more important to the success of a building project than almost anything else.

Some clients want us to manage their project from start to finish; others want to be closely involved at every stage; some just want to be consulted at particular points along the way.

We are happy to work to your preferences.

Site management

There will always be someone on hand managing your site and making sure the project is running properly.

A tidy site is safe and efficient site. On larger projects we employ a labourer full time to tidy the site and move the tradesmen’s tools around for them, which also helps them get the job done faster.

Visiting the site

It’s your site and you can visit any time. (We ask only that you let the site manager know when you arrive — and before you walk onto the site — for safety reasons).